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I'm 18 and I live in California. I love to write and read poetries. It's such a blessing that i found this website!. I like your poems and hope you'll like mine too. And if you do, tell me how! :D
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Me &... I myself 8.758
Me .... and You? 81
The One 93
Wish You... 1
Your Smile 2
IF 92
Left 82
The sunset sea 91
My chance 1
First Love 2
used to, but now...
How i love you... 2
Life 2
True kiss 1
In My World... 92
Attention 92
A moment in time 1
A Beautiful Mirage
my perfection
Perfect wish. 1
it's time to let go...
The incomplete 1
Selfish love 2