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The song of wind,
rhythm of streams
that can make your heart swing.
Not one to share, I'm alone.

Sense of freash leaves,
sight of green weeds,
although they're sweet,
the day you left, i'm alone.

Roars of beasts, 
coldness with no heat.
However I'm scared,
Who cares? No one's there.

In the jungle of life, 
can't feel hell or paradise, 
Have i lost my pride?

Will you come back? or
Will i find my way?
Wonderig with fear,
Who will decide my fate?...
I want it to be me,
and it's must be.
Posted: 2006-02-07 07:02:49 UTC

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2006-02-07 23:27:51 Kirsty (living in the light)
I can totally relate to this.

2006-02-09 17:17:57~*~Magpie Von~*~
you're always leaving me comments, so now its my turn! YAY! I really like this one. I've felt much the same way. ~*~Magpie Von~*~

2006-02-12 02:13:47 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
Hi I really like this poem! and thank you for visiting my site and for your coments.

2006-02-13 12:09:27Natalie
Hey. I really really liked this poem. And i enjoyed reading it. Please write more :)

2006-02-18 00:06:27stolen soul
that was a great poem i really loved it & thank you for writeing to me you one of the best people on this site = )

2006-02-22 02:20:59krystalblu
very relatable... i like it a lot.. thank you for your comments on mine

2006-03-03 21:59:35egyptian_girl
i lov tht poem! good job!

2006-03-21 05:26:27Crimson.Wings
this is beautiful... thanks for your comment