A Secret Union, by Crzy Angelchic Subscribe to rss feed for Crzy Angelchic

We argue and we bicker.
But deep inside, I know you hide;
These feelings that take over.
They're in your eyes, and in your smile,
I cannot help but wonder;
If I were free, if it could be.
Would ever there be comfort?
The heart dost speak for souls that seek
A union true forever.
Posted: 2005-12-13 09:27:31 UTC

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2005-12-16 23:56:35waterlily
take over? never heard it phrased that way B4...I could never ever look my old Lover in the eye...NOPe! never...yeah it is good to be commited to another by relationship...while reaching out to someone else on the side...seen that bs since i was 13 and babysitting...men are famous for that...even if you are a teen and can't do a thing "on the scene"...liked your two last lines...some depth there....union true forever? when most marriages or shack jobs dont last longer than a mere five years? ...aint that a tall order in modern times dont ya think? or knot? lol

2006-01-15 16:44:45My_pain_your_thrill
I love the poem :)