can eye trust you honey?, by waterlily Subscribe to rss feed for waterlily

can eye trust you honey?
wood you really spring your money?
can eye trust you honey?
wood you quit your fuck bunny?

can eye trust you handsum?
wood it be better to hold you for ransom?
can eye trust you lover?
wood you fuck someone under da cover?

can eye trust you mister?
wood you give my heart a blister?
can eye trust you as a man?
wood you tan my fanny best you can?
Posted: 2005-12-08 02:32:23 UTC

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2005-12-09 19:33:55 *****Junior Walker*****
I find your poetry fun,It doesent seem like your mans been loving you right by your poetry though,keep it up

2005-12-15 03:03:19waterlily
hey junior i do my best considering my set of sircumstances darling lol

2006-01-05 14:26:22My_pain_your_thrill
I find your poetry disgusting. God?? Right then!!