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Posted: 2005-11-26 20:18:24 UTC
Is it so hard to believe that the girl you used to know,
Is a young lady with feelings,
A brain like yours?

Is it so hard to imagine that girl you used to know,
In a thong with a fag in her mouth,
An attitude like yours?

Does it seem impossible for that girl you used to know,
To fantasize, yes fantasize,
Think about guys and sex, just like you?

Is it riddiculous to think that that girl you used to know,
To cry, break down in sorrow, wanting to top herself,
To feel that emotion, just like you?

Let me tell you some thing Will, shes a fragile rose,
One touch, and she'll die,
Her beauty will fall, and she'll prick you.

She's a poisionus flower,
She's not worth the effort.

And that rose is me Will,
Longing to be free,
It pains me to say this,
Cuz I want to touch you so much,
I want to hold you and kiss you so much,
But I'm letting you go.

Don't flirt with me,
Don't speak,
Or I might just change my mind.


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2005-11-26 21:43:29EmbraceLucidity
that was my sisters poem, i actually do better, but we all have different tastes i guess... u r pretty good tho...keep up the good work!

2005-11-27 19:18:20EmbraceLucidity
"reaching" was a poem my sis wrote for me...about me.anyways u didnt like it, thats ok. i've read a few of yours and i like them. i wish i could find MY book of poems. maybe u would like a few... like i said keep up the good work.

2005-11-27 19:35:09EmbraceLucidity
ok, i didnt realize that u r a highschool kid, so i made a spelling mistake, u r just a mean kid. i guess u dont appreciate compliments. and i dont appreciate being patronized by a little bitch. so i'll find somewhere to be myself. away frome beligerant little bitches who like to fight with adults...and i lied u suck.

2005-11-27 19:40:32so_close_but_yetso_far
OK, whats up with her?

2005-12-01 02:32:47just me_
umm...i think you misunderstood the meaning of my poem. i meant it in the way that i'm not going to be with this certain person this december, not that i'm going to be alone-alone (if that makes any sense) lol. i dont need advice or anything.. just trying to write out what i feel.. thanks though and nice poems=)

2006-01-18 11:05:04Thoughtless Encounters
i did like this poem... but i do have to say (and i don't mean for this to offend u or anything).. but ur 11!! when i was 11, i sure as hell wasn't thinking about sex. guys, yes... sex, no. i mean, i knew what it was but i didn't really think about it till i was like 13 when i got my hormones (so to speak). just thought i'd throw that in there.