Posted: 2005-11-21 12:05:16 UTC
Wrapped up in sugar,
spun with cream,
Happy flavours,
She looks a dream,
candyfloss sugary,
Sweet sweet senses,
tastes of love,
And Heaven above,
Smothered in sweetness,
Lost in chocolate,
In which she indulges,
Makin' her Fat.

© Sasha. Kinda random, huh? LOL.

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2005-12-02 04:03:31Faith
It's interesting though!! Quirky and funny and light-hearted... and true *tragic sigh*

2006-07-04 02:18:45Finding Myself♥♥
it's odd, but i like stuff that's different. he i haven't talked to you in forever! Gosh, so much has happened, i used to not know why it was that i wrote poems, because i had no true reason, but now i do. If you ever want to talk get in touch. :)