Posted: 2005-11-09 20:21:28 UTC
I sit nervously upon the seat,
Listning to you and her,
"SASHA" You cry, and hug me and talk to me,
Flirting like I'm a 18 year old model,
I can feel Michaelas anger,
But I dont care,
You've clibmed onto cloud nine,
Were shooting up to the stars,

I get on the bus the next day,
Are eyes lock,
We both know how it is,
We have to pretend,
I just wanna be in your arms,
I want to call you mine,
But thats not gonna happen,
You hug Micheala,
are eyes lock once more,
sadness and tears,
I grin widley,
This is alright 4 me.

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2005-11-09 22:07:44waterlily
an 18 year old model? lol...i modeled in Tahoe once like that and won 5 blue ribbons in SE Alaska..Sasha? are you a boy or a girl model? not sure what your sex is..kind of intriguing though you really care for someone sexually,you honestee do feel one together and happy and whole and swrene as one united.happens rarely in life though but thanks for reminding me what a really good intrinsic feeling it once was for me and my lover! ..are eyes lock once more...i love wide grins the most in this life! they turn me on the best! yeah!