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“I love you” such a word brings happiness on ones heart
and yet brings pain on the others saying those simple words
seems as if they were just regular words but there not, 
those “simple” words bring so many affections so many
emotions yet to be discovered  on ones desires sometimes
hearing them on your “ lovers“ lips “make you melt on
the ground” says some naďve people but sometimes hearing
those words spoken from your “ lovers“ lips to an other
person other than yourself makes your heart  be in pain this
emotion this “ love“ is so confusing it brings so many
feelings on ones heart  some say it brings “happiness”
sure sure brings happiness ? uh huh  if so then why is there
other feelings like…….“pain” ? or is that also
called “happiness”?  *sigh*  this emotion is so
complicated how do adults settle with this new found emotion
called “love”?
Posted: 2005-11-02 03:25:28 UTC

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2005-11-05 21:34:45waterlily
my old lover can tell his current lover "i love you" all he really wants....i double dare hymn to do so even! or lovers in his particular case,since he likes both sexes ass a matter of doesnt really bother me one bit since he never had the guts or the balls to tell me up front the past 37 years of my up his! i never believe it from a man's lips anyways...just from the lips of kids actually since they really mean it when they say it from their innocent hearts