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i dont want to stand up
and face my fears or fight
i want to lay down in
myself, and bleed away teh night.

i want to wake up in the morning
in a blissful peaceful dull
i want to feel nothing,
i want to leave this lull.

so im a freak, im a whore
i wont argue, or make a scene
i can deal with that
i know its the truth, you're not just being mean.

and if the cold
should wash over me
and i should cease to breathe
i hope you'll forget to see.

i dont want to be remembered
i want to fade away
all i want for this is
never to see another day.

you rise through me
and make me fear
everything that i am
and the people who are near.

i tried to fight you off
and that ended in pain
im giving up, you hear me?
i wont fight with you again.

i dont have the energy
and i dont have will,
just let me pass, please god please
let me, myself kill.

Ellie J

Posted: 2005-11-01 22:25:28 UTC

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2005-11-02 21:46:50waterlily
men can drive ya to it

2005-11-07 23:06:55. QUEENIE .
:) yeaaah. stupid boys

2005-12-12 00:01:52 ♥ Break The Tradition
this is really good

2006-06-28 00:40:39. QUEENIE .
thank you very much!!