She Was Heartless, by LaShawnna Subscribe to rss feed for LaShawnna

I always thought of her as mean, but I didn't think of her
as heartless until my lover told me different. He told me
that she would beat him constantly I never knew this until
after a year, and two months being with him. She was
heartless, she'd do awful things to him, some are so
shocking I will not dare to write down. She even hate me,
and I don't know why I never did anything to her. Before I
found out what she did to him I tried to get her to like me,
but now I know she's heartless, and there's no point in
kissing her ass. I hate her now for what she did to my baby
boy. I'll never forget how heartless she really is. 
Posted: 2005-10-30 20:35:53 UTC

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2005-11-07 07:29:57