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Posted: 2005-05-30 01:44:12 UTC
will i ever have a normal life
will i live to see twenty-five
no one around to love me
there's family, but no boyfriend to be
never had my first kiss
i'm beginning to miss
things that i only hear about
in my mind there's only doubt
where is my life going
what should i be doing
i don't know how to choose
i have nothing precious to lose
what's the point in living
when you're never getting
they only take
for their sake
and i'm left alone
forever left on my own

Copyright 2005 JEM

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2006-01-29 22:05:12Love Dragon
Nice poem! I like it! The time will come when these things will happen. Just give it time. Ashley

2006-06-25 05:04:16 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
Very Nice poem! there is a saying I have heard more than once:If you love something set it free if it comes back to you... it is yours, If it does not...It never was! ... another thought... You can only keep what you give away! I really enjoyed this poem of yours, simply great! ...Yes You Will!!!

2009-02-08 05:55:57miss insashable
i really liked this poem, i feel the emotion, i dont always comment but ive read a few of ur poems and they r really good and i no its awesome to have the feedback, well done!

2013-09-04 05:19:51SarahE
Love it