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Toady's my b-day I thought everything was going great, like
was planned, but then my fiancee started treating me bad.
Then I found out my dad wasn't even in the operating room
when I was born, oh how grand. Then my mom goes, and gets
beer, and promises me that she wont get drunk, guess what
she's drunk. My fiancee promised to spend the day with me on
the phone, guess what I haven't talked to him since this
morning. All I can do is cry, I just wanna die. Northing's
going right anyways who will care die? No one thats right!
So as I run down to the creek I don't look back, all I think
about is dying. Without one moments of hesitation I jump
into the icy cold water, and drown. Happy sweet 16 to me. 
Posted: 2005-10-30 14:46:35 UTC

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2005-11-05 01:12:54BEAUTY
it id really sad!!!!!:(