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what have you done?
a black cloud of misery as sentiments diminish.
once we savored bliss,
hand in hand and untainted,
but your thirst drifted away.
a painful fever of lies -
tears follow pain, follow night,
love bled dry.
in a storm of sorrow,
i still love you.
Posted: 2005-10-24 18:56:07 UTC

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2005-10-31 17:52:07.xx:+.Disposable.Darling.+:xx.
short but sweet! loves hurts i know.. keep your chin up sweetz.. there is always another light at the end of the tunnel.. and definitely always another guy too :). --michelle.

2005-11-05 16:51:14Beautifully_Chaotic
Thanks. Your so sweet! I Know that there are other guys, I get that part of it. Getting another guy isn't an issue. Its getting over the last guy that's the extremely hard part!

2006-02-10 06:45:32. QUEENIE .
heh thats true. awesome poem, really can relate i think... are you the same Beautifully Chaotic from MySpace? (jw.)

2008-01-10 01:45:03Sheila
Love brings all kinds of different emotions.Usually the last and hardest emotion of them all is pain. The strangest and sickest twist of these emotions is. Thats usually what makes a story or poem great.Someone once told me.Pain is how we know we're alive. Sad and sorry to admit this. I accidently deleted your comment and my poem . I have reposted my poems and would really appreciate it,if you would repost your comments. Reading them lifted my spirits.Which is something every one could use from time to time.