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I am very new to this. Normally, anything I write. Is wrote and then thrown away. With no one but me reading it. I think writing is a wonderful way,to come to terms with our own life experiences. Whether, they be good or bad and how we've come to be where we are now. I am a firm believer in God. Without my faith in God I would be lost. I'm 33 years old,single and the mother of 2. My wonderful husband decided his children and I didn't really fit into his lifestyle and left us.I've been beat in my own home by a boyfriend.Lived through other forms of abuse.Recently had a car wreck in which my oldest child was given a 24-48 hr deadline to live.My youngest child was also in the same hospital hurt.My oldest son is 13 and my youngest 3. I was hurt and didn't know what to do or where to turn. God is what got me and my boys through it. God is what has sustained me and got me through all the hard stuff in life. Yes, even when I thought He had abandoned me. Am I complaining about my life? Nay, that which don't kill you.Only makes you stronger.Giving you the strength to face whatever tomorrow might bring. Whether it be rain or sunshine. Whoever you are reading this. I hope you'll take the time to read all I've wrote and leave me a comment and vote on them. Most of all, I hope they will lift your spirits and be a blessing to you. Voting on my writings would be greatly appreciated.
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Pain Is Pain 93