Posted: 2005-10-23 09:22:29 UTC
Her body stiff,
Her face white,
Her lips red,
Her eyes dead.

Her emotions hidden,
Her mind taken over,
Her lungs choked,
Her voice gone,
Her smile faked.

Although she sees this every day,
It never ever gets old.

The smile on his face,
His eyes focused on hers.

But shes an expert actress,
Born with the power to think fast,
She pretends shes happy for them,
Then turns her gaaze towards him once more.

Tears run down her face,
Her emotions running wild,
As she watches them,
Her tears are getting old,
She wont let anyone get close.
Everyday she sits there crying,
The little goth girl with a problem,
When You ask what is wrong,
Its always the same old nothing,
And now nobody cares.

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2005-10-27 22:33:42waterlily
such is the miserable way of l'amour

2005-11-02 23:45:37Debz ~~ lost amoungst the pages of a story yet to be told ~~
the same old nothing when really it is everything i like this its really good xx