Forgotten lie, by Salem Subscribe to rss feed for Salem
Posted: 2005-10-07 07:07:30 UTC

She stands in mid chaos
Yet she finds herself alone
Lost in the solitude of her prayer.
Torn between this reality
and the thought of running away forever.
She sees her failures,
The ones others call sacrifice
Still, she's torn.
The confusion wells up inside.
The wall of lies and excuses start to crumble.
Desperate for a way out
Desperate for a reason to stay.
What she feels no one knows.
What she does goes unnoticed
She's been judged, marked for life,
But she refuses to give the world her reason.
What's done is done and
you wont find an inch of regret in her.
She'll give them all of herself
Until there's nothing else to give.

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2005-10-07 11:27:40Finding Myself♥♥
i liket this. you leave many questions. very cool ^_^!

2005-10-15 06:57:24Don't build lies on ice cubes.
I love this. I can completely relate to it.