Posted: 2005-10-01 09:46:27 UTC
v1 All I can think about is you,
Its not just crush,
I know that,
You put on a happy front,
But inside your dying,
To u I am a lil sis but do u luv me more than that!?

c do you have any idea,
how much I care about you?
Do you know how I fee-e-e-el?
Do you know how much I lurve u?
Do you know?
ohh do you know?
that sum1 loves you?

v2 You brighten up my day,
when I see you and your smile,
But no that how eva much I kid,
I kno-o-o-w.
that, Its only skin deep.


v3 Your hand on mine,
Your gentle touch,
The power you have,
ova my heart,
youre all I think about,
youre all I need,
And I would die 4 u.


This Is a song from da heart, I feel all dis now. I need sum suport, cuz I'm feling fucked up. ©sasha 2005.

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2005-10-01 20:11:57waterlily
lol at the modern prose songbird here.thanks for lightening up the load on my god forsaken heart this rainy saturday afternoon.