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warm and yet dark, 
entrancing, enchanting
calling me in 
towards finely crafted features
causing me to glance down 
cast my gaze from his eyes
feelings of awkwardness
and a sensation of being
far too exposed.

his beautiful eyes 
seem to look inside
as if peeking 
within my soul
calling my secrets
my emotions
everything into the open

i almost wish 
those eyes wouldn't look
but then again
i love falling into them
Letting them carry me away
although i fear
the years i have spent
drowning in his eyes already
but somehow, 
having him seeing all
that i hide
doesn't seem so bad.

but then perchance
if i had a moment to ask
i would never open my mouth
the words i dare not breathe
becuase in reality
im living a dream.
...if only it weren't a dream

Ellie J
Posted: 2005-09-30 21:46:47 UTC

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2005-10-03 17:38:46
mmm.. yeh im feelin this

2005-10-24 20:34:06. QUEENIE .
thanks man :)