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oh Master i do surrender
my body to serve at your feet
this shall be new for me
this shall teach me love's humility
stting beside your feet serenelee
my desire is to please you keenlee

At your feet i will feel like your pet
quietly i shall sit and knot fret
oh Master i do surrender
kneeling before you my Lord
submitting to bondage of rope or cord

i suppose it will bee so thrilling
because i have learned how to bee willing
as one who loved you upon first glance
your happiness is my romance

oh Master i do surrender
all within me to serve your need
for your sex i will beg! i will plead!
i do knot want to fall short of your mark

i will knot know what awaits me in the dark
you are scary monster man
won't let me run like "gingerbread man"
you are dragon breath in ear
i will never walk out and shut the door
Posted: 2005-09-21 23:16:45 UTC

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2005-10-02 21:14:26Finding Myself♥♥
i can't beleive that i once wished to be this girl.

2005-10-25 23:18:10Zanna
Hey, you commented on my Like An Open Wound poem but I didn't understand a word of. I'm only 15! Lol. Um... please could you explain?

2005-11-19 18:37:23Amy Mc
you commented to my lust of a lost shoe. Really what that is as she wipes off the heart she steped on. you can't understand inless you understand love i guess. I never thought i was a good canadate for slave/master activity until i realized how good it would feel with one specific woman. only with her would i do it. but i wouldn't be too obediant i'm afraid. i like to be told what to do and sometimes i'll do it. but most of all i like to be punished in a sexual way. I want to be pleased and if she doesn't please me then i don't see the since in playing at all. but its just that. I still care about myself. I would never call her God. I would never call her Lord. I would only enjoy the extreme domination on her part. check the mail in some kind of clothing. or some pain ful tourtore in a sexual way. if she turned me on and made me clean the house in my underware. but still if i wasn't the object of her obsession too it wouldn't be fun.

2007-04-18 19:19:40connie
umm.. wow