what did i do, by waterlily Subscribe to rss feed for waterlily

what did i do so wrong
that your hate had to be so strong

what did i do so right
was it my touch inn the knight

what did i do so bad
that you ran me out of the neighborhood

what did i do so good
that inspired the mood

Posted: 2005-07-31 10:09:14 UTC

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2005-08-02 08:55:25Cindy J Hayes
This one is pretty good. But as for copying my poem. All my poerty is under copyright and I would be gratefull if you could respect this as I do with your poetry. Thank you for your understanding.

2005-08-02 11:50:46Cindy J Hayes
I know the 1st comment sounds harsh, thats not my intention. I'm new and don't know the rules. sorry, but I worry about these things, as I'm sure you do with yours.

2005-09-18 21:01:46waterlily
what poem are you talking about Cindy J.Hayes? I have no idea what you are talking about at all.This simple poem is mine.