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we can never be again
there is no interest on either side
only you can win
there is nothing left to hide

we can never be together
return to your san diego lover
where there was no stormy weather
and i can run undercover

we can never see eye to eye
havent you caused enough pain?
being alone i can get bye
havent you caused enough strain?

we can never rest arm in arm
too much has happened in the past
havent you caused enough harm?
why did you think we could last?

we can never be again
there is no harmony in hate
only you can win
and irritate
Posted: 2005-07-24 09:14:38 UTC

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2005-10-10 17:42:21Spiritual Beauty
this poem had its effect on me, it made me remember things i went through... therefore, it is a touching poem to me.