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Posted: 2014-01-06 12:32:12 UTC
Nobody's got the time,
to waste it on me,
i'm just not worth it.
I know i'm always quiet,
but i could only speak,
if you'd just listen.

I used to think,
that i can lean on you,
and you will be here.
But i don't know no more,
where should i go,
should i talk to the wall?

There's a smoke inside my lungs,
there's a Devil in my brain,
but i need to let go.
I need to calm myfuckingself,
before i go insane,
but i'm all alone.

I'm trying to stay calm,
to not worry about it,
but nothing is working.
I don't know no more,
what i'm fighting for,
should i just end it all?


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2014-02-13 16:31:27SarahE
I love it😩😩😩❤️👌