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Why must they fall,
why must they shatter?
Why must they fall
into pieces that clatter?
Why are they frail,
why do they die?
Why are they hurt 
by every white lie?
Why are our hearts
so easy to break?
Why does it seem 
like love is a fake?
And why does it hurt
for ever so long?
It's to give our hearts scars
that help them grow strong
Posted: 2013-07-12 00:00:53 UTC

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2013-09-26 02:50:31Simply-Me-20104
Oh my goodness! I love this! The repetition, rhyme, and flow worked beautifully together. The bottom pair of lines is incredibly impactful and so true. Fantastic poem!

2013-11-20 20:09:51SarahE
I love it