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Posted: 2013-07-06 14:41:59 UTC
Freedom is the Sun calls me out dont worry,
love is in the air.

Freedom is the breakfast i ready last night,
plan my choir, duty, or job im going to achieve.

Freedom is the vibration i conqure,
the pressure and noise i realize and those i tolerate.

Freedom is the lunch i buy,
from humble manner and luck of affinity.

Freedom is the heat i drive or on bike,
to places a cool hint is there.

Freedom is the rain i type or write my words,
while in my room with windows.

Freedom is the time i say hi to you,
and you recieved.

Freedom is the dinner to share,
with the same old prayer kept us fit.

Freedom is the love to keep,
in our eternal rythm of the heart.

Freedom is the night rest,
by the whispers of hope to see you again.

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