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i was wondering if i could write something for those random
people in my life, with whom whenever i came across, i
shared, confessed, talked, and most important felt happy and
happier ..those random acts of kindness done by you is
indispensable for me! whether u make a dosa , give me a
chance to show off some of my vague talent, your motivation,
advises, worked for me! Always ! Feeling gratitude to have a
friend and classmate like you.....therefore here this piece
of words dedicated to u:

Remember the day I met you first,
I didn't greet or smile
I just came as some driven soul
And sat on the same bench that u occupied,
I look at you 
you smiled 
New Classmate 
A Novice
Never realized, how important that first talk worked
Confessions confessions I abrupt
You were good , quite listener
Didn't realize…. Like a padre you worked
And then those words of wisdom, 
Life's lessons you gave
A person driven like me, but more betrayed and swayed
With the winds of times.!
Still so strong , a motivator you see
Loved  the way u treat….
Never get rid of confessions
And the time you gave me to listen…
And these random acts of kindness 
gets strong and stronger
I always come in abrupt you handle with care
My dancer, talented buddy
Hats off for your care
And after all a friendship to care 
I have received
You made me realized…..
I was a novice
Pampered queen…
Not aware of the world so far
And in the end 
Nothing left here to say you see
Just  random thoughts, and a wish
For you to always
Remember Me!!!
Posted: 2017-10-30 16:13:39 UTC

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