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Posted: 2017-08-17 04:38:40 UTC
I was taught by the inspiration I found for myself.
Each time given me no means in the serene tone of self.
Searching for love that would last the night last long.
But regreting those maddness i had been through life.
She can always break free from my sight either im awake.
To sleep is just hope for a good dream like Riven takes.
Never was able to speak of a reason for my sins.
But i believe God's divine to settle me near or far;
from where the throne we all pays to shine.
The light is God and white.
The dawn is warm and heart full.
The Rain is rhythm and cleanse.
The Wind is the bless from warm to cool.
The night is reminding from dim to relfection.
The morning is Riven beckon to hear beetles,
hiding away from pain and grief of past.
For all these timeless describtion worth,
And my wordless inspiration set up the path to heaven.

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2013-11-29 05:46:01*Broken Wings*
I like it, really good