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I am a black winged angel
as anyone can tell
No, you are not mistaken
they're ebony like a raven
And as anyone would know
they're as tattered as a crow
But they were never bound
by crosses stars or strings
And though they may be scarred
they'll take me through anything
I guess that makes me demon
having blackened wings and such
But even if I was
I wouldn't really care much
It's not that I was fallen
more or less that I rebelled
What would make me do this, 
make me so compelled?
The answer my friends
is a rather simple one
I just wanted freedom
and just a little fun
And so I look at you
with blood instead of tears
To the depths of hell I'll go    
without any pathetic fears
For I am the black winged angel
I shall hold my head up high
I shall fall gladly into hell
kissing insanity goodbye
Posted: 2012-06-13 00:51:21 UTC

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2012-06-24 23:29:04Butterfly Warrior
I like the rhythm of the poem and i have a great visual, keep writing cause your great.

2013-05-15 06:29:04Golden Ghetto Kidd
U suck, u want to go to hell? I asure u, u dont know what hell is

2014-01-23 19:43:28*Psychopathic Child*
I really love the way this poem is written