tinker, by sweetNsour Subscribe to rss feed for sweetNsour
Posted: 2012-04-16 00:18:39 UTC
Tinker eats only meat
And sometimes chicken

Don't give him staples
Or carb.

Protein all the way
He might eat an egg
Or some gravey on a hungry day

Tinker takes without asking
Leave you mad and sometimes crying

Tinker loves the best,
Warm house
Sweet caress

Tinker as a way with the girls
They just love him

tinker stills rub up to you
Even when you kick him five minutes before

'Get out Tinker!' Shouts at him very often

Tinker pees on most areas he can

Tinker is a family
A friend

A very cute, fat cat

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2012-05-04 16:48:00stsorrowscribe
not to fond of cats but i did like how you used personification

2014-03-12 04:12:50sweetNsour
tinker might have died, i cant find him almost a year now.