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I love collecting swords, knives, 
and books written in real ink
Mainly manga and faerie tales
'cause non-fiction really stinks
I still love my trading cards
mainly Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon
But who doesn't still love Pikachu
I mean seriously come on?
I still role play with wooden
blades wrapped in duct tape
Running 'round being evil while
my lil' bros. try to "escape"
I have a job, yeah I can
be (somewhat) mature
But why can't I be 6 again? To ban
my inner child is worse than any torture
I love to write, daydream,
L.A.R.P., and even duel
Come on and let me be
or else I'll know you're cruel
Yeah I'm physically 18,
but put that fact aside
Because always and forever
I will remain 6 inside
Posted: 2012-03-30 16:10:25 UTC

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2012-04-06 00:58:07sweetNsour
Lol: well said, totally so, a child in all of us. Great poem, keep writing

2012-05-07 21:30:55Natural_beauty_Ashe
I totally agree,we all have tgat inner child, but some decide to try and lock that child away.....nice job