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In a world
with cold hearts and dirpair
nobody listens
nobody cares
were on our own
in this heartless world
we could be doing our best
but it always comes down in a twirl
we cant trust anyone
we have no respect
because all we are
are simple regects
accept us for who we are
not who we were
its about who we can be
if only you would see
is this because we live in a world
with cold hearts and despair
were living in a life
we cannot bare
give us a chance
to put on a smile
because we are no longer
a child
Posted: 2012-03-23 05:17:58 UTC

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2012-04-08 20:44:17sweetNsour
Well done, I liked it. Be encouraged and keep writing

2016-01-15 03:52:47beautyisinside
I can relate to this poem because I feel the emotion in it and know what it is like to feel those emotions.