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Posted: 2011-11-16 23:42:56 UTC
Light and Love is all you need~
Forever you are my daughter
I love you for always
Life might might be a little bit rough right now
Let the angels guide you, give light and life will be good.

You my daughter,are the light and the love i have always needed to experience.
Though things might be rough right now, let the angels lead you on.
You are the best daughter in the world.
I am forever thankful for you in my life.

You are an amazing mom and daughter and friend. I know this because hay is an amazing person too :)
You are perfect in every way!

Always follow your heart and life, give the angels all your troubles and things will be alright :)

Always remember, the angels have you in their wings and no matter what troubles you might face in a day that they will always carry you on.

<3hugs<3 Light and Love <3

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2011-11-30 07:28:05Natural_beauty_Ashe
I love it, I have a baby girl myself and I always want to give her the best words and never hurt her and these words are perfect :) nice :)