Close to the rhythm of the soul , by Smokey Love Subscribe to rss feed for Smokey Love
Posted: 2011-09-11 17:52:22 UTC
You're the flint of the fire, the source of my desire
You sit with my soul the epitome of nothing higher
More than anything I could ever require

There's a million words but only we can observe
The Love that just burns.. and burns and burns
Like the centre of the sun, fuelling all that becomes
Inhale the life to our lungs, good times to our young
And lead like the stars as we are as one

Have faith my love we must trust what i saw
The cycle has broken, evolved us once more
Things won't be like they were once before
These rhymes are carved inside evermore

Perfect symmetry, divinity syncopation
In-twined in the vines of the infinity equation

The ultimate solution, you BEAUTIFUL creation
Turning night into the day again
Thank you for the spark, that make my heart
Just want to sing for them
Vibrations of reality, that will actually never end

Close to the rhythm of the soul

you know the key, the goal......

Dedicated to Lucy and Phoenix Love....

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2014-06-14 05:09:51sweetNsour
I really enjoyed this