Butterflies and Razorblades, by stsorrowscribe Subscribe to rss feed for stsorrowscribe

Life is nothing more than
butterflies and razorblades
Going between the two
until your life's been paid
When you feel all happy and
your spirit's about to fly
Those are the moments
that are like a butterfly
When you are so giddy
and drunk off happy life
It makes you almost forget  
all your heartaches strife
Those are known as blades
always sharp and cruel
Making you feel like your
stomachs been turned to gruel
I really despise 
the razorblades
It's as if my lifes
been thrust into shade
Id rather have the butterflies 
with all those happy times 
Singing all the songs
and saying all the rhymes
I'd like you to feel
completely all the same
To make you, oh so happy
and proud to bear your name 
So please I ask, then 
again I'll never say
Look for butterflies
instead of razorblades
Posted: 2011-03-31 19:33:30 UTC

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2012-04-06 05:54:55sweetNsour
Well said, now spread your wings and fly and never stop writing cause u got gifts.