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fuck this life
it's a lie 
and so am i
don't try to stop it 
don't try to run
once it starts
i've begun
The rock is thrown through the window as it breaks
shattering to the ground like a thousand broken hearts 
of a million broken children from many broken parts
Nothing is real if there is no explanation 
so don't believe the fool who tells the truth
because once in awhile he'll slip in a lie 
stoppin the thoughts of the believers
turnin' them around
shove them back down their throats
once they BELIEVE they will not SEE
that the thoughts that they had 
were not their own
they were yours
and yours alone....
Posted: 2010-02-06 09:48:06 UTC

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2010-03-11 15:23:09Convalescence
This is soo sad. It makes me want to cry. This if so very well written.