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Broken beyond repair; but no one can see that all it takes
is one more touch to shatter me to pieces. I need a world
made in bubble wrap, but I have no such luck. Everyone looks
at me like they don’t see the cracks in my skin but how
can they not see them? Today I wake up and make my way to
the mirror and stare at the cracks and ask myself, “is
today going to be the day that I shatter to pieces or will I
have to go on as I am?” I’m not sure if I want it to be
my last day or not all I know is that it’s depressing to
have to tip toe through the day just to make sure you
don’t get shattered. I sit on the park bench crying when a
woman sits next to me and after a close look we realize that
we aren’t alone. Our tears dry up and all of a sudden our
cracks start disappearing before our very eyes. We take each
other’s hand and as we walk away the crack in our hearts
Posted: 2010-02-01 19:24:50 UTC

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2010-03-20 23:38:27Convalescence
I understand, this is sad. I hope it gets better. It's amazing how you can heal.

2010-04-03 21:35:39brad1990