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Posted: 2009-11-16 00:40:51 UTC
Locked in not locked up

locked in your arms i want to be,
your mind,
your heart,
your dreams,
your thoughts,
Just locked in,

oh boy, oh boy,
i cant explain-just say im locked in
locked thoughts of sweet memories,
love making, laughing happy days
locked in pasion,
locked in a great future with you

locked in day dreams to marry you carry and bare kids with you.

i'm locked in love damn this feels good
locked in peace
i am so at ease,
locked in your touch- oh you make me so weak,

locked around you
on you
over you
on and on and on
this is good
you touch
you change
youi mprove me
i am glad you got me locked in to you.

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2009-11-16 06:46:54//Stillsilent//
This is really sweet, I like it

2009-11-24 06:16:23h.
this is really great