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Posted: 2005-04-20 03:14:52 UTC
The day escapes me
The night rules me
Desire burns inside
My passions override
My steed between my thighs, riding
Stars above and sands below
Moons gaze kissed and oceans mist
Riding fast and hard
Quickened breath and sweating flesh
Ecstasy unleashed
My lover screams, riding
My kiss of death

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2005-05-06 15:20:38strange girl.

2005-07-27 22:17:31Danielle Lewis
I think your poem is very unique. I still love it though!

2005-08-20 09:58:14Lillian
I love the mood in this piece

2005-11-17 21:59:41Amy Mc
Exactly, I can tell you feel the love for someone. intense intamacy and pain mixed with intense pleasure. read some of mine and tell me am i too death yet? just curious because she is my bee she sings me and brings me honey...so sweet.

2005-11-21 05:27:58FirePoet
Poetry By Amy. I tried to read your diary but you have to have some active poems in order for me to do so. Looking forward to reading you.

2007-03-15 18:09:41Angel of Music
Very Unique