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Posted: 2005-05-13 10:28:34 UTC
When I was just a little girl,
I saw you lying on your bed,
Lying there, Not breathing,
'Wake Up, Mummy' is what I said

Watching on the couch,
With ambulance taking you away,
I wish I could talk 1 more time,
Because I have heaps of things I want to say,

But time has passed since then,
Because your not here,
I wasn't your first priority,
Any you said losing me was your biggest fear...

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2005-04-21 23:40:38My_pain_your_thrill
Another emotve piece of writing, I really like it. I love how you have left the ending open ended... As if you are questionning everything.

2005-04-28 22:16:22Cute One
Wow, This poem, is so much how i feel. What is your email, if you want to talk about stuff and your mom, ill talk about my dad who i did really lose to an accident.Feel free to talk to me anytime. my email is [email protected]

2005-05-23 11:58:39PoetryReconised
Thank-you heaps! This is a simple but short summaary of how i feel so im glad you like it!! :)