I Only Hope HE's On His Way, by BUBBA Subscribe to rss feed for BUBBA
Posted: 2009-03-09 03:50:19 UTC
As I sit here on the couch today
My ex has kept my son away
She thinks that it is for the best
But it makes sad and I cant even rest
And so I make the calls all day
I just wanna have him and play
Its been so long since I held him
The pain has gone so deep within
I wonder when the battle will be done
So I can go and have some fun
Just thinking of all the times we had
It takes me from sad…all the way to glad
To remember the happiness I had ago
I just wonder and want to know
When will I have him in my arms again
I just want my bubba and even then
He will make me happy today
But I still lay here unable to play
So what am I to do about her
I don’t wanna fight or even stir
The life I had was so good to me
He made me whole a purpose to be
Living my life the best I could
As I know my momma said I should
To be that father to my son
But now I’m alone with no one
As I walk into his room
The place he slept and went vroom vroom
I never knew I could feel pain like this
But my son is what I miss
I have been beat and abused
But now I just feel used
She has played with my heart
All the way from the start
So I sit here and cry all day
And I only hope he is on his way

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2009-02-26 17:20:10Tyler Cedric Golden
this is a very heartfelt and nicely written poem...great job!