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What a time, oh, what a time is this.
I give all I've got, and it's still hit and miss.
If you could be me what would you do
break em, or shake em, or tear em into?

It's been a long time, but the hurt hangs around
and I've grown weary of playing the clown.
I'd like to know if I'm so different than you
If two packs a day..tell me what would you do?

It could be candy, or it could be gum
but if it' s not, would you call me dumb?
what ever it is ...I don't care a bit!
for  2009 begins with something to quit.

       Have a happy one!  

       and Quit that! :)

Posted: 2009-01-02 22:02:25 UTC

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2009-01-08 17:18:53Tyler Cedric Golden
lol a good and playful poem that has its own message...i like this poem...very nice...

2009-01-15 22:56:28Danny Wilson
a good poem because it has a clear meaming I liked it very much. Danny

2009-01-16 17:47:05Tyler Cedric Golden
its cedric....lol idc im jus playn...no but it really is... ;) thanks for tha comment......you need to write more as well so i can check it out...peace

2009-03-22 05:44:39!!! A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD !!!

2009-07-27 16:58:11Becky Louise
I think that this poem was very good I wish I was as good a writing as you

2010-07-22 14:49:01
thanks for all the coments! :) God Bless You all!

2010-12-11 03:19:36 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
you quit! I quit! :D