Why can't i be ME, by Cute One Subscribe to rss feed for Cute One
Posted: 2005-04-14 11:22:44 UTC
I'm pissed off and no one can help.
I'm falling and no one can pick me up .
I'm going suicidal and no one has been listening.
I'm hating who I am ,I don't
know how to change.
But I am who I am so why would I change .

People are forcing me to go crazy and the only thing
I can do I sit back and relax
People are frustrating me and I hate the world .
What will come next? People suck.
They force me to do things,I don't want to do .

They force me to be depressed and hate myself because of what they have said .
People are forcing me to not be me,they forcing me to be different than I used to be .
What is with that,I don't want to be different than
I used to be .

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2005-04-16 05:31:45PoetryReconised
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2005-06-05 15:58:11wishing_on_stars
This is good. However it kind of irked me when you said that other people are making you change. I know there's peer pressure and all, but no one but yourself can make you change.

2007-03-06 00:11:28Ashley
That's all anyone can be.