I hate who i am, by Cute One Subscribe to rss feed for Cute One
Posted: 2005-04-03 13:21:03 UTC
Poem 2
All I want to do is die, nothing will stop me.
People are teasing me and all i can do is sit back and relax.
People are bullying, what is there to do
People are screaming and things are going strange and oddly crazy, nothing is normal any more other than church
My life is spinning and things are sucking.
My life is going out of control and everything is so overwhelming. Everything is bad.
Nothing is helping and people are being people

People are making me sad and nothing is working.
I'm Depressed and all i can do is sit back and try to relax.
I'm not being me because things are changing, oh too fast and nobody can help because nothing is right.
All i want to do is commit suicide because no one cares about me. My world is falling.
I hate who i am and so do others. I don't know how to love myself,
All I know is that jesus loves me and he wants me to be me.
I just want to be me, but there are many reason's i just can't
Why Can't I Just Be ME

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2005-04-03 23:18:25Lace' Slates
If you realize the fact that you are yourself you can overcome the others people suck you just half to realize your better than them dont bring yourself down by listening to them bring yourself up by knowing your better.......BY:Lace'Slates-If you need advice please email [email protected] i hvae to go for now but those who need it id be glad to help im alwasys online well sometimes but i promise ill get back to you