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I feel as though im the beggining of all pain.
the reasoning for destruction.
i cant love for fear that it will turn into tears.
tears that are not my own and blood drips that pool.

how can i hide away, when i have left a trail?
a trail of hurt behind me, while others clear it away.
while others are tripping over my destruction.
i sit alone in desperate need of help.

my shadow cloaks everyone that cares for me,
suffocating them into a slow death.
but by the time i realize its killing them.
they are gone and in my pure disbelief.

there are so many that have gone.
so many that i cared soo much for.
it was me that that was suffocating them.
within my black cold heart.
Posted: 2007-08-14 10:08:57 UTC

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2007-08-20 21:08:45Lydia
great poem, and i can totally relate to "i can't love for fear that it will turn into tears".

2007-12-14 22:28:13SMILING DARKNESS
awww, sweetie thats sad, and like Lydia said, I too can relate to that phrase. Good poem