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hey im Bree my poems reflect my feelings and yes i am goth. i love music it is my life but i love to write poetry and do other creative things. i hate writting alot but i dnt mind if it is poetry that i am writing. i dnt like skool much coz i get riticuled for the way i am (goth)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Wolf Cutthroat Rush 1
The Colour of my Heart 3
Surrender to the Angles 2
Feeling left inside 92
Buried Alive 1
Drop it 2
When That Tear Falls Will You Be There? 1
Love for Eternity and More Beyond 1
Die With The Flames 1
Heart Beats For My Soul Mate 1
I Will, I Can, I Am 4.51
I Have To Let You Go 3
In Sickness
True words from my heart
Four Words 72
Free Fall 1
We All Say Goodbye