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March 20, 2005, 12:24 AM

You have been with me since the beginning  of my time. 
You watched out for me. You told me I could touch the sky,
All I had to do was believe in me. 
You said  you loved me, With every beat of your heart.
Though time you changed your mind. 
What did I say wrong, What did I do wrong. How did I change
your mind. 
You’ve got your world, your friends. A place I can’t be
in. You have made your excuses why not. 
I wish you would tell me the truth. Don’t tell me I am not
old enough. Don’t tell me I won’t understand. You know I
do have a brain. 
Tell me why I can’t be in your life, tell me why I have to
be so alone in this world.
Posted: 2005-03-24 02:06:06 UTC

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2008-03-24 01:55:21Craney
Person with such foolish thoughts! Open up your eyes! Why should you let the other one judge you as if that person were God? Believe in yourself, and know that someone here loves you and you are definetely not alone. Oh, dear how beautiful you are!