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Everyday we would flirt and laugh and play, yet at the end
of the day you would then turn away.
I dont understand what I do wrong..im not clingy..I dont get
angry all I do is show care.
But then again I geuss its another case where because I care
im in the wrong.
Each guy Ive been with Ive been treated wrong..I always get
cheated on or even hit.
It's not a life I want to lead..that why im giving up..im
giving up having the chance for happiness..the chance for
Theres point in it in the end when all you is get hurt..so
that my last say on love...I GIVE UP.
Posted: 2007-05-03 08:29:04 UTC

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2007-05-27 03:06:59Angel of Music
nice job! wow, if this has really happened to you I am so sorry. nobody deserves to be treated that way. good luck!