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This life is crazy, this life is 

My friends have forgotten my name

Our friendship is over because I have 

We were good friends for so long

I try so hard to still be, but you wont 
except me

instead you hang with your better friends

I thought it was me and you until the end

well here I draw the line, you are a friend
 that is not mine

Posted: 2007-04-04 22:15:45 UTC

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2007-04-06 23:26:13Simply-Me-20104
This sounds like what happened to me and my bff. She moved away and her whole world changed. A world that didn't include me!! Thanks for the addition to my poem!

2009-03-29 13:44:49CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
after summer last year my friednd went popular, and left me, she knew about my cutting and starving myself, i have recovered (on my own) from the starving to try and be friend, but she ignored me. the world moved and i was left behind. anyway, great poem, i trule love it