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The colors on the wing of the butterfly,
The sounds that we hear when to the south the birds fly...

The assurance that a lost son feel when in mother’s lap he
The satisfaction in achieving after a hundred try..

The softness of flowing water..
The assuring toughness of a rough father..

The end of the day after defeating al the dangers...
The smiling faces of unknown strangers..

The men, women and Their memories..
The child, the adult and their stories..

That’s what life is made up of!!
little things...
These little things which we never take notice of.. 
That’s what life is made up of..

And then on that day, when we die..
We always say with a sigh..

God just give me one more chance.
I will live this life with renewed romance.

                    S  I  T  H  L  I  M 

Posted: 2007-03-30 22:05:00 UTC

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2007-04-04 03:07:40~**AGE_TEA**~
i like this poem, its rhyme and its true. good job AgeTea

2007-04-04 05:41:26Crimson_Tide915
hey Im back and i have another poem also read it tell everyone lol...great poem by the way I like it

2007-04-09 21:08:47Lindsay
NOt all poems should end with a happy ending!!! I don't care if you like the poem or not, but i don't believe that content can make a poem bad or good that is all what makes the poem bad???

2007-08-28 07:25:50*~*~Carrie~*~*
Really good. Keep submitting your poems. I would like yo read more of your work.