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new doors begin to open
as rusty ones squeek shut
ive realized that there is more to life 
that what i can touch

we hear of new beginnings after every old past
but sometimes we dont understand 
there is more to life than laughs

laughs and joy are what we dream of
but instead we get nails in our feet
we think we can pull them out and fly like winged doves
but YOU know we will crash

To make us soar, we must believe,
in the God that put us here
and not in worldly treasures 
that we think are so dear

(dear)to our hearts but really they are depressants
cuz we will only want more
and thats what we're left with.
Posted: 2007-02-23 22:05:24 UTC

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2007-03-01 16:56:40BananaIceCream
awesome. keep writing.

2007-03-11 19:42:59Faith
Very powerful, well done!