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Be crazy.
  Walk around with your pjs backwards,
 Hoping for a SNOW DAY.
Pick up the heads up penny,
  Dont step on the cracks.
Eat the cookie dough, straight from the bowl,
  Even if you know your tummy wont thank you later.
Love. Head over Heals.
  Cry. When he breaks your heart.
Smile. It keeps people wondering.
   SING. even if your bad, it will be music to someones
Wait around the clock until 11:11, 
  to make that special...
WISH. wish for whatever you want. thats the beauty of
wishing. The possiblitties are endless.
   Dance. Dance like everyone is watching, and you just dont
Dont forward the chainletter. Just to..
BE DIFFERENT. Why not? Diversity makes the world go round.
 Ride the merry-go-round. Even if you think your to OLD.
Hand your dads hand. Your never to old for that.
  Listen to your grandparents. So what you have heard that
same story 100 times,
at least that way you can pass the facts on right.
Never go to bed mad at your sisters. In the end, its all ya
Drive to nowhere. Just get in your car and drive.
  Climb a tree. its a whole different world from up there.
Visit the city, and the country, youll know why later.
  Have a pet fish from the carnival. 
Watch fireworks. and yes, say OOOOO and AAAAA.
 Skip school to watch the price is right.
scream at the Tv when you know the answer and they dont.
 Skinny Dip.
Kiss someone in the RAIN.
  Cry in the shower.
Take PIctures. Lots of them.
  Feel the sand between your toes. Its the best feeling in
the world.
Travel. The world is soooo cool.
 Pray. Its good for your soul.
Take long bubble baths... with the rubber ducky.
OK, and sing the song.
Laugh so hard you wet your pants, and soda comes out your
Work hard, Play harder.

Just live your life. It only happens once.
Posted: 2007-01-30 18:01:57 UTC

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2007-02-07 02:41:53 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
count me in! Good poem! I like it!:)

2007-02-08 20:39:53liberty moon
me too... very inspiring. LOL